The city of Naoussa is built at the foothills of eastern Vermio, amidst a natural embrace created by successive flat lands gradually declining towards the lowlands. The city has a dominating position, situated at an average height of 360 m. above sea level-the whole fertile plain of Imathia extending to Thessaloniki.
Τhe Municipality of the heroic city of Naoussa belongs to the administrative district of Central Macedonia and is situated in the Western part of the Prefecture of Imathia, 22 km. north of the capital of the Prefecture, Verοia. It is situated at 90 km. from Thessaloniki and 32 km. south of Edessa. It borders with the Prefecture of Pella on the northeast, with the Municipality of Veroia on the southeast, and with the Prefecture of Kozani on the west.
It is the most populated mountainous urban center in Greece, and, according to the census of the year of 2011, it is populated by 21,152 inhabitants within an area of ​​424.91 km². Αfter the implementation of the administrative reform plan of Kallikratis, the extended municipality of Naoussa is populated by 32,494 residents.
Naoussa is inhabited from archaic years and is characterized by a mixture of outstanding natural beauty, ancient heritage and modern cultural tradition. In the wider region, we can find the monuments of the School of Aristotle, the ancient theater of Mieza (Hellenistic period) as well as important Macedonian tombs.
The first residential presence is observed during the Ottoman rule, with the development of handcrafts. In 1822 Naoussa revolted against the Ottomans, but the rebellion was suppressed in blood, and thus Naoussa was given the official honorary title of Heroic Town.
Despite its destruction, Naoussa was successfully reconstructed, and showed a remarkable growth in the late 19th century, particularly with the development of a thriving textile industry. From the 1990s onwards factories gradually ceased to function as a result of the global crisis in the textile industry.
The surrounding area of ​​Naoussa is famous for its wine production. The red wine Naoussa has received many awards in the country and abroad. Ιt is one of the first wines released and bottled in Greece. The name of the particular variety of this wine is called xinomavro, a High Quality Designation of Origin (OPAP).
The mountains surrounding the settlement are covered by rich vegetation while the river Arapitsa runs through the city, forming a place of outstanding natural beauty. The parks and groves of the region, as well as the ski resorts Seli and 3-5 Wells, two of the most famous ski resorts in Central Macedonia within 17 km. from the city, are important tourist attractions.
Finally, visitors can indulge into the cultural tradition of the region by visiting the Historical and Folklore Museum, the Museum of Wine and Vine, the Macedonian architecture in the traditional neighborhoods of Naoussa and by participating to the traditional celebrations of Easter and the Carnival.


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