During their age long collaboration, the Municipal Cultural Organism of Naoussa and the Union of Wine producers of the vineyards in Macedonia diagnosed the need for founding a central museum for the important wine productive region of Naoussa.
The museum of Wine and Vine in Naoussa presents the history of viniculture and wine production in the region of Naoussa from the 17th century to our days.
The museum aims to present the importance of viticulture and winery for Naoussa, its development across time and the smooth transition from traditional to modern forms.
The museum has an educational role. Work benches host educational games for children and adults, who enjoy their visit more by participating actively.
Addressed, however, to all those interested in wine and, particularly, in the wine of Naoussa. The objects on display are all old items of viticulture and wine production from the region of Naoussa. The exposition concludes with a presentation of contemporary organized wineries of the area, offering the visitor a clear picture of the importance of today’s vine and wine activity in Naoussa.
Upon entering the museum, the visitor is informed about the building hosting it and its long history. The OPAP zone of Naoussa is presented on a local map, whereby local wineries are spotted. A detailed presentation of viticulture and winemaking tradition of the region of Naoussa follows, from the seventeenth century to modern times.
At the exhibition center, the visitor observes the process of creating wine: viticulture, harvesting and crushing grapes, grape export and vinification by alcoholic fermentation, bottling. Objects traditionally used in viticulture and winemaking which are accompanied by the corresponding visual material are exhibited. In the central area of the museum, issues of general relevance to wine such as the color of the wine, the wine classes, the OPAP wines, the Wine Roads and literary references to wine are developed. In the same area, the wineries operating in the region of Naoussa are presented.
At another point of the exhibition, another product of the vine, raki, is introduced. A traditional raki cauldron is exhibited and the history of naousaiikou raki is briefly presented.
The museum belongs to M.C.O.N. and is housed on the ground floor of the traditional building of Ioannis Boutaris, the first organized winery in Naoussa (1908).
Funded by the Community Initiative «Leader II», M.C.O.N. and the Stelios and Fany Boutari Foundation.
The photographs surrounding the place come from the archive of Eugenia Zaliou. The museological design was undertaken by archaeologist Hara Andreidou and museologist Alexandra Apostolidou.
The vine and wine museum is located on 17 Chatzimalousi street.


The museum’s phone is 2332029800.