The Memorial of the Pontians of Naoussa consists of a relief representation on copper of a Pontian couple. It is larger than life, placed in front of a marble column of uneven form and accompanied by the inscription:
“Even if Romania [Byzantium] has passed
it blossoms
and brings more”.
The couple of Pontians, with their left arm stretched out, farewell their homeland in great grief, but with the deep faith that even if the Greeks of the East were deracinated, they will manage to re-establish somewhere and blossom. With his right hand, the man reposes on his chest the image of the Virgin and holds the arm of his wife. The latter holds their baby on her chest with her right hand, like a certain Virgin-and-the-Child motif.
The entire composition rests on a triple marble podium.
The Memorial of the Pontians of Naoussa is the work of sculptor Georgios Tsaras.