The Monastery of Prodromos of Naoussa is located between Naoussa and Giannakochori and it is built in a picturesque and green location. It is believed that the monastery of Prodromos of Naoussa was built in the seventh century and that it is the oldest monastery of Naoussa.
The monastery was destroyed many times over the centuries. Many of the disasters were due to the important role that it played in the national history of the area. From the turkish documents we learn that the monastery of Prodromos was burned in 1822 and only the church survived, which was renovated in 1844, according to the inscription on its western lintel.
The monastery was destroyed again in 1906, when it was burned by the Bulgarians and the fire destroyed its cells. Although it was rebuilt, the cells had the same fate in 1944, in a conflict of the Greeks of the National Resistance with the occupation forces.
Today the monastery of Prodromos of Naoussa with the old architectural church has been renovated by the Diocese of Veroia and Naoussa and functions as a monastery for women.