1. The park of Agios Nikolaos is a Pan-Hellenic tourist centre of recreation and daylong excursion, located about 3 kilometres south-west of the heroic town of Naoussa. An earthly paradise in the heart of Imathia. A breath of life against ecological degradation.
      Sixty acres of spectacular ground take life from the sources of the historical and multiply precious river of Arapitsa. The age-long forest of plane trees, unique in Greece, impresses the visitor for its magnificence and volume during all the seasons of the year. Under its shade rests the immense green of the natural sod that coexists with the wild uncultivated boxwood, the basswood, the oak and the abundant water in a rare agreement of sounds and colours. This divine place was financed by the European Union in the context of the program LIFE in order to protect and promote it on the one hand, and put the bases for a rational ecological management.
      As a result of this appreciable effort, the Special European Reward, an important discrimination, was assigned in the context of the institution of European Rewards of urban and regional planning in 1997.
      Today, 1.000.000 visitors visit the thicket annually from all around Greece, having the possibility to make use of the following installations and activities:
      1. the municipal hotel Vermion of 150 bed capacity which has been renovated in the rooms: bar - cafeteria, restaurant and congress centre that function all year long,
      2. the athletic installations that include basketball fields, volleyball fields and tennis courts along with a municipal refreshment stand,
      3.the playground,
      4. the small artificial lake for fishing and boating,
      5.the church of Agios Nikolaos, from which the area has taken its name,
      6.the place where preys are breaded,
      7.the restaurants with the local trout as the main delicacy,
      8.the areas of outdoor dinner,
      9.the routes for exercise and walking,
      10.the sources of the river Arapitsa,
      11.the small train for a short tour of the Park,
      12. the Centre of Environmental briefing for a first acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the region, and finally
      13.the hygiene installations.
      A parking lot of 250 places is available and stands at the entry of the Park.

      (Source: https://el-gr.facebook.com/NaousaEmathiasNaoussaImathias)