The ski center “3-5 Pigadia” is located on the west side of Vermio at an altitude of 1,430 to 2,005 m.
It is 17 kilometers far from the town of Naoussa and the paved road is always open during the winter season.
Going from Naoussa to 3-5 Pigadia you will initially meet the junction to the village Metamorfosi and its beautiful waterfall, arriving there by a forest road passing through dense forests of beech and oak and then taking a new junction to the village of Aghios Pavlos (old Koutsoufliani). Two more kilometers and you reach the ski-center “3-5 Pigadia”, one of the 3 ski resorts in Vermio. The lifts start at 1,430 m. and take you up to 2,005 m. at the upper chalet. It is one of the few ski resorts that have artificial snow system with 20 cannons and 2 pumping stations. There is ample parking, a chalet with a restaurant and a cafeteria managed by the Municipality of Naoussa, two hotels, a mountaineering shelter and, except from skiing, you can also drive a snowmobile.
Why is it called “3-5 Pigadia” (pigadia = wells)? Couldn’t the wells be counted? Or is there a doubt if they are three or five? The truth is that there is no well. There are three sources on the low side (near the base of the ski resort) and five more sources higher.
The excellent infrastructure of the ski resort, offers various activities apart from the winter sports (climbing, hiking, mountain biking, hang gliding, paragliding).
Furthermore, it has been established as a center for the summer preparation of many sports clubs, federations and national teams.
The ski slopes of various difficulty levels meet the expectations for a sporting as well for a tourist skiing experience.
The experienced and skilled staff ensures that ski slopes are always be appropriately arranged so as to offer safety and unique thrills.
With the artificial snow system, unique in Greece, an excellent quality of the snow is preserved throughout the winter period.